Attack. Defend. Evolve.

Adaptive adversarial simulations for an emerging threat landscape.


Your information security partner.

Promithic is an expert team of highly experienced, certified information security professionals. With strong technological backgrounds in security-driven industries, we're ready for any challenge.

Industry Expertise

Diverse experience across the most demanding industries ensures we always hit the ground running.

Offensive Leaders

Highly strategic and defence compromising — continuous improvement starts here.

Specialist Knowledge

From real-world adversarial simulations to incident response, our specialist expertise has got you covered.


We do security offensively.

Our focus is on providing security solutions and services which are efficient, effective, and most of all, accessible.

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Application Security

From code reviews to continuous integration and delivery, secure your application across the SDLC.

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Adversarial Simulations

Challenge your people and defence controls against the latest Tools Tactics and Procedures (TTPs).

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Continuous Improvement

Build long-term success through ongoing assessment, integration, and improvement.

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Infrastructure Testing

Identify, evaluate, and eliminate risks and vulnerabilities throughout your IT environment.

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Cloud Assessments

Embracing the cloud? Ensure your AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud deployments are secure.

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Insightful Metrics

Clear and actionable reporting. Know your strengths, identify and eliminate your weaknesses.


See the wood and the trees.

From highly specialised to everyday technologies and implementations, our experience draws on years of identifying; modelling; and assessing broad and targeted organisational security risks.

Check your stack

A security-focussed mindset ensures threats are evaluated from each and every trust layer.

Targeted attack

A formulated attack plan directs efforts to compromising objectives which are of greatest value or susceptibility.


Knowledge gained is actioned, iteratively strengthening both component and system fortifications.


Be the one prepared earlier.

Security freshly baked-in today.