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Security Testing

Operational Essentials.

To know a system's strength — apply measured force.

Penetration Testing.

The mainstay of professional security practice for one simple reason — penetration testing provides a meaningful security performance baseline.
Obtain a baseline and compare performance over time to inform and prioritise preventative action.

Red Teaming and Adversarial Simulations.

We put the gremlins in so you don't have to.
Simulations are ideally suited to organisations with mature security postures or sophisticated threat risks. Employing unique Tools, Tactics, and Procedures to challenge systems in unique and novel ways — an organisation's resistance and resilience in the face of a realistic adversarial threat is monitored and evaluated.

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Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure.

SCADA, ICS, OT, and smart buildings — our physical infiltration and system-specific expertise provides invaluable insights into the depth and breadth of critical system exploitation. Such systems are subjected to unparalleled scrutiny, punishing adversarial activity, and the highest security standards to ensure compliance and robustness.

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Application Testing

Applications and Deployment.

Information is an organisation's most valuable asset and should be safeguarded accordingly. Wherever your SDLC journey takes you, security should be a constant companion. Through threat modelling; pushing left; and adoption of security automation, security is baked in from the outset and costly inefficiencies or crippling data-breach scenarios can be avoided. Combined with static and dynamic analysis; manual code reviews; and security assessments, you can be confident your applications are as robust as possible.

Threat Modelling

Secure Code Review

Secure CI/CD

Security Assessments

Cloud Assessments

Cloud Assessments.

AWS, Azure, Google, multi, or hybrid — ensure your cloud deployments are designed and configured securely by our vendor-agnostic, certified experts.

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Specialised Services

Specialised Services.

Looking for something off the beaten track? We offer a range of expertise in complementary cyber security services and will happily tailor a solution to your specific requirements.

Incident Response

Suspect a breach? Give us a call and we'll prioritise a response plan to minimise the fallout and get you back up and running asap.

Simulations and Training

From ransomware simulations to security awareness and operational training, we deliver relevant and up-to-the-minute learning experiences.

Purple Teaming

Engaging red-team expertise behind blue-team lines promotes ongoing collaboration and capability far greater than the sum of its parts.

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